Artist Statement & Course Brief

My work with paper flowers started only a few years ago when I took my first class and was immediately hooked. I love that paper flowers can be ultra realistic or as surreal and fantastical as you like. I also love this medium because it brings together illustration, painting, sculpture and the inspiring beauty of nature. 

My approach to this project was to bring the richness of an oil painting to life in a three dimensional sculptural illustration. While aiming for an element of realism, I’m also trying to infuse my own interpretation of color and shape to bring this object to life.

Radishes come in a wide variety of shapes and colors ranging from deep purples and reds to gold and white. Radishes are known for being a fun and easy crop that you can grow almost any time of year and they are beloved in cuisine around the world. 

In this class you will have just as much fun creating a lively and colorful bunch of Cherry Belle radishes as you would growing them in your garden. You’ll create this popular root vegetable in several stages of growth from its first root to the beautiful flowering stage. You will learn about the Brassicaceae family of plants, how they grow and the rhythms that can be seen in each stage of growth. You’ll use sculpture, painting and illustrative techniques to bring your radishes to life.

A supply list, detailed step-by-step guide and video instruction are provided. You will have all the tools you need to sculpt your radishes, expand your artistic skills and create a colorful bunch of radishes that look fresh from the garden, or plucked from the canvases of the Dutch still life masters.

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