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Relax and Create Rose - Amity's most popular rose course from 2022 taken from Live archives and priced at $24

Relax and Create Ranunculus - another informal course in the Relax and Create series with bonus floral canvas instructions for only $24

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January Update from Amity

Happy New Year! This is a bit long, and I really appreciate you reading to the end.

I am so happy to say that a generous member of the paper flower community issued me a microloan to cover my school fees for 2023. To pay the microloan as a team, my amazing teaching artists signed up to give personal studio tours all year. There is a sliding scale to access all 12 tours for a one-time fee. Pay what works for your situation! Our first payment is due soon and I so appreciate all who contribute to this effort!! Our first tour is January 14 (time TBA) with Stine Berg Evensen of Tabletakes.

The first two courses for the Still Life series are fully loaded. Find the exciting new series and all my courses at flowerandjane.com. The next course Paper Tangerine is still in presale and will be released by February 1 - the best news is there is a kit for it which you can order ahead of release!

On a personal notewe are purchasing a general store on the coast of Maine. I have begun working with the current owner to shift into an owner/manager/worker role and may I say? Without the training this online school gave me as a businesswoman, I would be way over my head! But I understand the mechanics of business now and one thing is clear: I need to take a step back from my creative role at flower and jane this year. There will be no new Amity Libby instructional content published, including Live Large, while I transition my heart, hands, and home to this village by the sea.

If you are enrolled in Live Large I will be offering rolling refunds for any who request it (meaning I will refund in batches as my finances allow). Otherwise I ask those enrolled for patience with this transitional period. I want to deliver something of value, and I know my best work cannot be done during this transition.

Life is good. Busy as all get-out, but good. I planted garlic two days ago, the sun is shining today and it is supposed to hit 50 degrees. There is no snow on the ground yet. My child has enjoyed a delicious 10-day break from learning and showed me her new reading skills throughout. My heart sings like the brook recently discovered behind our new home. I also found a *1757* farm off a hiking trail the other day. Love letters from a New England winter, when one can discover all that came before beneath the sleeping trees and brush. It's all new and yet feels so familiar and good and sweet. It's Maine!!!

Thank you for all your support of my teaching artists and my own creative journey. Now that I've taken some things off the proverbial plate? I can find moments of creativity again. I will be sharing these on Instagram, and my instagram subscribers will see the most of these special moments, found. I appreciate these patrons so much. They see me as I am, not polished, just playing. You can support me in this way if you go to my Instagram profile and click Subscribe. It's 2.99 a month and is a way to keep me in the game, so to speak, as an artist as we begin our new life as shopkeepers.

Blessings to you and yours, may your workbench be a sanctuary this year!!