'Festiva Maxima' Paper Peony

'Festiva Maxima' Paper Peonies

Have you admired these large, white-with-a-touch-of-deep-pink double peony forms? In paper I will teach you how to make them using four different petal sets of 60 gram crepe paper on a base of sturdy 180 gram crepe paper. This ensures this large, fluffy, much-admired cut flower remains in paper as it should: fluffy, flamboyant, and forever! Take your botanical sculpture skills to a new level with Flower and Jane 'Festiva Maxima' Peonies!

This course, and the supply list, are to make two paper peonies at a time.

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Amity Katharine Libby
Amity Katharine Libby

I am the owner of flower and jane, a creative paper design studio in Maine specializing in botanical paper sculpture. I have a Master of Science in education and a BA in interdisciplinary fine arts.

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