Meet Amity

A paper florist, Amity Beane describes herself as a teacher, a farmer, an artist, and a friend. When not working with the gifted and talented students in her tiny western Maine school district, she can be found on her fifty-acre farm in the foothills tending to cut flowers, making paper flower orders, and chasing her baby. Amity teaches online video courses, does live workshops, and also is the photographer responsible for all of the work found on her website. In 2018 she wrote Florabeane's 10-Step Guide to Becoming a Paper Florist. Amity has a degree in fine art and a Master of Science in education with a focus on teaching with technology. Her work has been on display at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay and Calderwood Hall on North Haven Island, Maine. In addition to offering botanical deconstructions, live demonstrations, and mentor and makers meetings for paper florists, she is also the administrator of the online group The Paper Florists.

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