Discover the world of paper flowers. Artists below are found in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South Africa.

This collection of images was curated by Amity Libby and shared on her Instagram. Each post links directly to the artist's Instagram profile. The text links go to individual websites and shops. 


The Florasmith, The Paper Bloom, Petals and Frond, Lilomina Creations

Nabuflor, My Woolly Mammoth, Fury Blooms, LaLaLove Corner



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First grid of the year for #papernotpicked and I’m featuring a new artist: Melony with her paper rosehips (@sweetpapermagnolias) alongside some old favorites! The paper pear and blossoms are by Yang (@shanghai.1984) and the paper protea is by Carrie ( as well as finally capturing in a screenshot the magic made by Anna with her video of her enchanting self-designed paper celosia! That one you must click in, to see the video, you’ll be amazed (@apaperflorist ). Leave these lovely artists a comment below, because man! The details! Works of art, each one. . . . #papernotpicked_feature2019 #paperflowers #crepepaperflowers #dsfloral #paperart #papersculpture #paperflorists #botanicalart #beauty

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Petal and Bird, Handmade Lingen, Fool the Bees, Harley Rose Floral

Isabel's Creations, Roses n Lace Studio, Malagarn, Diddlebug Arts

Bouq Paper Flowers, My Woolly Mammoth, Bella Paper Flora, JH Tatroe

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An iris, three roses, a pincushion flower and a peony walk into a bar....nope! They walked right onto your Instagram feed to show off how *paper* translates to realistic paper blooms! Huge thanks to @_isabelscreations_, @rosesnlacestudio, @malagarn and @diddlebugflowers for sharing your work in #papernotpicked ❤️🌸 Your skills are non pareil! ✂️🌿A question came up: how does one get featured on #papernotpicked_feature? My aesthetic for this hashtag is realistic paper flowers. The kind that make you look twice. The kind that evoke botanical realism based on botanical illusion. I also appreciate styled shots and care taken for background and lighting. Watermarks generally are not favored-I will always tag the artists. My choice usually starts with one image and then I search for others that go with it. That image is always top left. I’m a color junkie-colors speak to me!! These images are the perfect representatives of the hashtag I created to share the finest paper flowers in the land. ❤️ . . . #paperflowers #handmade #botanicalart #paperart #papersculpture #papercraft #ihavethisthingwithpink#dspink #lovelovelove #empoweringwomen #arisingtide #inspiredbynature

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The Paper Petals Co, Inga Ilze Peterson, Summer of Peonies, 622 Flowers

Black Tree Designs, Anouk Bouhmer, Paper Botanica, Paper Floral Co


Mary Ann Naylor, Petal and Bird, Rosa Rosa Rosam, Paper Plant Lady

Made by HIRB, Revery Paper Flora, Paper Lenchen, Miss Poppins and Me

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Culturally, these flowers hold space in our collective memory. We instinctively remember the time or place one or another of these flowers made an indelible mark on our individual recollection. The forget-me-nots, the cosmos and roses, and callas. Somewhere, someplace, someone-you can almost instinctively feel that it’s a falling in love, with a place or a time or an event or a person or a season. Sensory overload exquisitely mastered in the finest levels of detail by the following paper artists: @madebyhirb | @reverypaperflora | @paperlenchen | @misspoppinsandme in #papernotpicked_feature 👏💪😍 Go see their individual works and fall in love yourself. #papernotpicked #crepepaperflowers #botanicalrealism #handmade #paper #dscolor #abmlifeiscolorful #paperartistcollective #botanicalart

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Shap Creative, Made by HIRB, Black Tree Designs, Botanical Delusion


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Subtle, natural, botanical realism. And-nary a rose nor a peony nor a dahlia in this bunch of #papernotpicked_feature images. The magnolia branch is masterfully done by @vanessasnyders - that to-die-for delphinium is all @madebyhirb - the digitalis (not poisonous in paper, there’s a bonus!) expertly shaped by @black_tree_designs - and that lungwort? @botanicaldelusion nailed it. I love his rendition. See more from each artist on their feeds, and continue to create paper flowers with your own special touch of #botanicalrealism. That’s the secret ingredient to this tag and getting featured. The artists of #papernotpicked are using all manner of skills to trick the eye into believing these blooms are real. #paperflowers #crepepaperflowers #botanicalart #paperartistcommunity #dsfloral #ohwowyes #gardeninspiration #handmade #paperart

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Paper Plant Lady 


Revery Paper Flora, Rose Tree Paper, Flores Da Annita, Woodlucker

Twistie Mays, Paper Meadow Studio, The Paper Peony

Kelly Pastorek



Bouq Paper Flowers, Yang Liu, Rosa Rosa Rosam, Terra Landry

The Paper Peony, Inga Ilze Peterson, Bianca Noelle Blooms, LaLa Love Corner

Fleurs En L., Botanical Delusion, Fury Blooms, The Nature of Paper



Florenreich, Bella Paper Flora, ThePaperblooms, Bouq Paper Flowers


Cobra Lily Shop, Handmade Lingen, Woodlucker, Black Tree Designs


Kelly Pastorek, ThePaperblooms, Flores Para Siempre, Krinkle and Leaf