Botanical Realism: Paper Hydrangea with Gem Weir

the difference is in the details

This online course launches March 1, 2021 (in its entirety) and once purchased, never expires.

In this online video-based course you will learn to create one (1) botanically realistic multi-floret paper hydrangea with stem and leaves.

A supply list and detailed, printable step-by-step guide accompanies superb video instruction, ensuring you have all the tools you need to acquire new skills, expand your artistic repertoire and create a paper flower of the highest quality.

Your instructor for this course is Gem Weir, a Flower and Jane Featured Artist for 2021.

Your Instructor

Gem Weir
Gem Weir



Gem is a paper artist living in Dorset England, with her husband Dom, son Leo, and Busta the dog. Living in Dorset means spectacular scenery and lots of walks - cliff tops, heathland, beaches, farmland, and woodlands. She loves them all and can always be found snapping pictures of flower and foliage finds.

She describes herself as a reader, a book-worm since a young girl. She still reads every day and feels lost without a good book!

As a maker, Gem is a colour fiend! Colour is her weakness, all shades, all saturations, all tones. When asked to pick a favourite? She can't! “Don't make me, it's too difficult, but what I can and love to do is put together colour palettes and schemes."

When Gem entered the world of paper art she was looking for a meaningful gift that would last, that could be lovingly created for a friend's special day.

“Little did I know where this would lead me. Four years later and here I am: Absolutely in love with all things botanical.”

Gem Weir Artist Statement

Flowers, I truly believe, enable us to connect to a feeling, an emotion, a memory, a time and a place. From the intricate inner workings, to the individual petals and foliage leaf, I love what I do. Where possible working from a live specimen is always preferred. I take detailed drawings, templates and notes. In addition to being a realist, I also love whimsy. I like to add that whimsical feel to my designs. Colour palettes that aren't always "true to nature" are my favourite! I want people to feel free to create whatever their hearts desire, I hope to encourage others to do this, more! You want a Grey Rose or a Pink Fern, you go do it! Whatever you dream, it can be created!

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