Florabeane Floral Arranging

Proven techniques and simple tips to improve your paper floral arranging

"There is so much more to flower arrangement than meets the eye and certain rules to go by. Amity beautifully explains the how and why so that you too may create beautiful artistic arrangements that you can be proud of. "

- Johanna Oliver, Black Tree Designs

Learning to make flower arrangements has never been more easy and simple than learning it in these videos.

This course was created to accompany my 2019 Masterclass Pure Romance Studio Florabeane. Artists created 50-70 paper flower stems in that course, and what you are about to see is how I instructed them on arrangements. With just over an hour of instruction, I will walk you through two exciting lessons: arranging your flowers in a vessel using a pin frog, and creating a hand-held bouquet.

You will learn about:

  • the visual weight of objects
  • leading lines
  • varying planes
  • bundling
  • the Fibonacci sequence

Supplies needed: For the arrangement you will want wire cutters, a pin frog (available here and a vessel. For the bouquet you need waxed floral tape.

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Your Instructor

Amity Beane Libby
Amity Beane Libby

I am the owner of flower and jane, a creative paper design studio in Maine specializing in teaching paper flowers. I have a Master of Science in education and a BA in interdisciplinary fine arts.