This course is a part of the Still Life: Paper Fruits and Vegetables online course series and debuts February, 2023.

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Abdelnasser Ibrahim
Abdelnasser Ibrahim

Abdelnasser Ibrahim is a self taught artist raised in Cairo, Egypt. As a child he considered himself an artist, constantly copying famous portraits like Mona Lisa and enlarging family photos from small copies. He was well-known among his friends in high school as an artist. After deciding to become an engineer, he spent most of his time working offshore on ships, and despite the challenging working environment, he maintained his creative abilities.

His first paper sculpture was a paper rose for Mother’s Day in March 2020; since then, he couldn’t stop making more flowers and trying different techniques that he learned from others or developed on his own for making beautiful creations. Most recently, he began creating butterflies, seashells, and fruits. He enjoys crafting and always finds a way to make stunning items that can be given as a gift or hung on a wall. Some of his creations are now displaying at word museum in Ankara, Turkey.

As a teacher, Abdelnasser would love to share his creative methods with you and inspire you to come up with your own concepts by working with you to create.

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