Course Brief

In this online video-based course you will learn five (5) yoga practices.

In this exploration of Yoga Kathy will use both the symbolic meaning and the traditional understanding of certain flowers to share five practices to encourage rest.

Kathy Pankratz Practitioner Statement

There are a dizzying array of practices that fall under the umbrella of yoga. Many of these focus on posture ( asana) practice. When I began to participate in yoga classes I was most interested in, and captivated by, the mastery of specific sequences and poses. Over the last 15 years of teaching yoga, I have come to see it as a vehicle for self- knowledge. Each practice affords the practitioner the opportunity to get curious, without judgement, about what’s happening for them on that day and in that moment. I understand my role as one of observer, guide and facilitator. My desire is to assist the student in their practice by responding to what I see, offering suggestions and adaptations and supporting their process.

My ultimate goal is for those who participate to eventually have the confidence to fully take ownership of their own practice.

When the student feels empowered to practice independently, I know I've done my job.